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What could ​your career ​and finances ​achieve?

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Embark on a transformative journey

where career aspirations and

financial goals become a reality.

As Teman Diskusi, we believe in

your potential and are committed

to being your partner in growth.


Teman Diskusi

Teman Diskusi is your trusted partner in unlocking career potential and achieving financial success ​through personalized coaching, dynamic training & workshops, and expert financial guidance.

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Training & Class

Elevate your skills

and knowledge

with our dynamic ​workshops, tailor-made ​training and classes, ​designed to empower ​you in both career ​development and ​financial literacy.

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Career Coaching

Receive personalized ​guidance from our ​Certified Coaches, ​unlocking your full career ​potential through tailored ​strategies, skill ​development, and goal-​oriented coaching ​sessions.

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Financial Advisory

Navigate the complexities ​of personal finance with ​confidence. Our Certified ​Financial Planners offer ​tailored advice, ​empowering you to make ​informed decisions for a ​secure financial future.

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Meet the


Cinta Maulida, CPC

Cinta is a Certified Professional Coach and ​Corporate Trainer with 9 years of experience in skills ​development and leadership. To date, Cinta has ​successfully completed over 160 hours of coaching ​sessions and has conducted training for various ​companies and government institutions, including ​PT. TASPEN, UNION Group, % ΔRΔBICΔ, ​KEMENDIKBUDRISTEK, and others. Currently, Cinta ​is actively serving as a Career Coach and Trainer at ​Teman Diskusi while pursuing an MBA program at ​SBM ITB Jakarta.

Nurfitria Pratiwi, CFP

Tiwi is a Certified Financial Planner and Corporate ​Trainer with over 15 years of experience in the ​financial industry. Throughout her career, Tiwi has ​guided more than 200 individual and corporate ​clients to achieve their financial goals. As an ​educator, Tiwi is frequently invited to provide ​training and seminars for renowned companies such ​as PERTAMINA, PT. Coca Cola, IDX Islamic, Dinas ​Kelautan dan Perikanan, and others. Currently, Tiwi ​is actively engaged as a Financial Advisor and ​Trainer at Teman Diskusi.

Reviews by ​Our Clients

“Coach Cinta provided me with perspectives that I had not previously considered, ​allowing me to discover various options when facing challenges. Each session felt ​like exchanging thoughts and opinions with a colleague who could provide a ​neutral yet practical point of view to explore. Thank you so much, Coach Cinta!”

Akhmad Junaedi - Manager

“Mbak Tiwi, we are so glad that our emergency target has finally been achieved!!! ​Thank you so much for creating a well-thought-out planning and enjoyable ​discussion during our sessions. We now have clear goals and a more organized ​financial arrangement. Our family will be forever grateful."

Supomo - Head of the Family

Collaborating with Cinta and Tiwi was an enjoyable experience! The ​coordination was seamless; they effectively communicated the training ​requirements, and the training itself was highly successful. The participants ​displayed enthusiasm and left with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration ​applicable to their everyday lives.”

Ellen Dwinanda - Public Relations

Collaborate ​with us!

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